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This Saturday evening, the 5:40 Express will begin our exploration of favourite psalms.  Diane Jacquest leads off, with Psalm 139, one of the most magnificent of these great poems that explore our intimate relationship with the Almighty.  This is also an important day for her for she will shortly be travelling to Uganda to work with David Moore’s project, The Widows’ Gardens.  David will show us a video of that life-saving work and then lead us in a commissioning and blessing of Diane.

Then we will partake of a light supper and further discussion in the adjacent hall.

Some of you will have met Erik Mahrt who began coming to the 5:40 in the spring.  We are asking for your prayers for Erik and his family.  He has been diagnosed with bone cancer and is currently in the regional hospital.  He looks forward very much to rejoining us in the near future.