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The brainstorming has started! Here are some ideas that came up recently. Do you have any of your own? Use the contact form to share them with us. All ideas are welcome at this time. Next month a committee will be formed to look at some of the ideas and make recommendations.

-Comox Museum display (September)

-Something to serve the community 

-a freestore

-homecoming service (meaningful moments)

-corn roast

-free food


-bouncy castle

-coffee and tea

-remembrances of people past

-a Tshirt with a special logo

-130 photos from the past

-130 members of note

-130 memories

-130 book reviews

130 day countdown - each day is one year - and go into the future

-interview people (like Jim Lariviere the fire chief) for their stories of going to st peters as a child

more ideas in this document

What would you like the celebrations to include?