This event has already occurred

The public face of St Peter's has been changed considerably in the last two weeks.  We now have a brand new sign that proclaims our logo boldly to the world.  And trees and shrubs have been removed and pruned so that people have a better view of who we are.

We now have to complete the finishing touches.  Parishioners are invited to come together Wednesday, November 20 at 9 am to weed, rake and fertilize our trees and shrubs.  We will gather at 9 am rain or shine.  Peter van Kessel, our "Dutchman on the Go" will supervise us.  Please bring rakes, weeding tools and one or two wheel-barrows.  With a good crew we should be done by 11 am.

It would be wonderful if someone would take on to make coffee/tea and provide doughnuts for a 10 am break to keep our energy at high levels.