20/20 Women’s Network

In the Spring of 2017 a group of women from St. Peter’s gathered together, each bringing $20, to see what we could accomplish for and on behalf of the women of St. Peter’s. We have created a network, using Mailchimp as a tool, for all women in the parish to be able to connect quickly and efficiently with other women when a need or desire rises.

While initially created by Linda Rutherford, this network is available to all St. Peter’s women to share if they see a need, have a great idea for fellowship or socializing, or want to invite other women to participate in an event or activity. The funds raised so far have been used to provide groceries to a parish family in need, fresh fruit for the unity cupboard, Church calendars for sale, and to underwrite an afternoon tea event in October.

ALL women are encouraged to add themselves to the network using email where possible. We seek your ideas and input regarding the ways we can stay connected and serve one another and those with a particular need in our parish.

Anyone wishing to know more about the Network and how it works, or anyone with ideas to share, please contact Linda Rutherford at 250.339.7334, or email: [email protected].

Linda Rutherford