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Hi St. Peter's Anglican Church,

We believe that a more equitable world, a world filled with more opportunity, more potential, more thriving, starts when people have access to clean, safe water. 

Could you imagine enduring this summer's heat wave without fresh water to drink? Or cool water to bathe in? 

In Kampala, Uganda the average temperature is 26 degrees and 25% of people do not have quick access to water, let alone clean water. On days like today, just walking to my office I can’t imagine that trek for 2 hours up the rocky terrain to collect the warm ditch water to bring back home to drink.

Thankfully you’ve helped us end that for so many. 

Having access to water means more kids can walk to school rather than to the swamp. It means women are empowered because they can feel “clean” (something a young mother told me once in the privacy of her home when asked what water meant to her). It means parents can earn an income. It means communities are lifted from poverty.

It means a more equitable world for all.

On this day inspired by Nelson Mandela, I’m excited to tell you that we have a great opportunity to add a whopping 22 more taps to our Muhaha Project to reach Kabanga Village! As a direct result of your support, this means that thousands more people will no longer need to make the tiresome and treacherous journey up the hill for water. Instead, they will have water piped in much closer to their villages, reducing the chance that illegal taps could be added and increasing their health and opportunity for a thriving future.

Thank you for helping inspire others with your generosity and support! The impact of your gifts have a ripple effect towards a more equitable world. One where so many others like Rhoda can continue to live their daily lives without having to fight for equal access to health, live in fear of their safety, and not be disadvantaged by gender and economic inequity.

Together we can make a ripple effect: the world becoming a bit more equitable, one drop at a time. 

- Jeff


PS. You are a great advocate for a more equitable world! Please act fast today to share your experience and story online, inspiring those in your community to take action towards a better world. Post on any social media platform, using #WaterEquity and tagging @actsforwater. Help spread the word that for $10 a month, one more girl like Rhoda can have water for life so that we can reach this new village and more this year when they need it most.