Zacchaeus made haste

And climbed a tree.

He was terribly curious

And wanted to see

What Jesus was like.


Odd behaviour you might say

For a man of his station.

A chief tax collector in Jericho.

And rich;

He fleeced others dry.


What could a man like him

Want with Jesus?

Weighing Him up for his tax potential?


After all didn't this Jesus say

That He owned a Kingdom? 


Zacchaeus must have sniggered

And chuckled with glee

When Jesus stopped

Under his sycamore tree.

How those itchy palms sweated

At the prospect of making

A cool fortune.


How lucky could a tax collector be.


The ruler of a Kingdom

Inviting Himself to tea.

No wonder he received Him gladly.


What transpired between the two?

Perhaps, we'll never know.

But little Zacchaeus must have been

A sharp businessman.

After all; he invested everything

In that Other Kingdom.


idris rees hughes