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Catherine Pate, director of communications for our diocese, released this information recently:

Over the last several weeks I’ve been receiving emails from parishes that are having problems with their newsletter ending up in subscribers’ spam filter or not hitting some inboxes at all. I think we have narrowed down the bulk of these issues as stemming from the Shaw Communications spam filters (i.e. if your parishioner has a Shaw account they may not be receiving the email because it is being filtered out by the server). To help address the issue I have instructed to assign your [email protected] parish email as the one that your newsletter is being sent from. By doing this they can authenticate the domain from the side of the equation.  This work will be done over the coming week. However, this is only one part of the problem. The other is Shaw. So, I have sent them a list of our domains and asked them to ‘approve’ all of them. I am waiting to hear back.

While I try to work this out for all parishes, it will help if you can do the following:


  1. Make sure your website settings have your [email protected] address listed as the primary email address under “Office”. Your “approval” recipient address likewise should be a parish email address e.g. [email protected] not a personal address e.g. Gmail, Hotmail, Telus, Shaw etc.
  2. Instruct your parishioners to add the [email protected] email address to their contacts.
  3. Go into the newsletter settings of your website, click on “subscribers” on the left, and then, on the far right side click on the drop down that says “subscribed” and switch it to “unconfirmed”. These are all folks who signed-up to receive your newsletter, but when the confirmation email was sent to their inbox, they didn’t click to confirm. If you recognize the email address as someone who hasn’t received it but should, hover your mouse to the right side of the sign-up date, over the three dots where it says “more” and click “confirm” to add them to the  list.

Please let me know in early July if you continue to have problems.