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Why not spend a couple of hot afternoons in the shade of your house or garage having a sort through drawers and cupboards for items you no longer need. Please bring your donations of CLEAN, GOOD CONDITION items to the Church House (office hours preferred). We will accept almost anything USEFUL that is in good condition - clothing, toiletries, kitchenware, bedding - please nothing purely decorative, broken or outmoded. These items are to bless others, so we want to GIVE GOOD like our FATHER GOD does!

Our aim with your Freestore donations is for zero waste. Therefore, if you donate items that are outside the remit of the Blessings Boutique, or we feel may be better used elsewhere, we may redirect your donation to be used in another way. This might mean donations will be used as lots in our annual silent auction, they may be sold to help fund the costs of our outreach programs and ministries, or they may be donated to Thrift Stores.

Items will only be thrown away if broken, damaged, stained, outmoded or otherwise unusable.

If you prefer your donations not to be used in these ways, please let us know when you bring them into the office. We will then return to you any items the Blessings Boutique cannot use.

If you are in need of any of the items listed above please contact the office.