update October 13:
Come help set up the Blessings Boutique! Thursday October 21 at 10am until 12 noonish. Volunteers interested in helping run the store starting November 4th will be asked to put their names on the signup sheet. The Blessings Boutique will be open to everyone on Sundays after church and on Thursdays 10-2. For more information please use the contact form below.

Blessings Boutique - a volunteer’s guide

The Blessings Boutique reflects Isaiah 55:1 – “Come buy ... without money and without cost.”

The Boutique is like a Thrift Store where everything is free, including the welcome, information and care.

And just like a Thrift store the BB is open to all, because St Peter’s longs to bless everyone in our community generously, as the Lord blesses us generously.

Initially the opening hours are Thursdays 10am-2pm, starting on November 4th.

Two volunteers must be on duty at all times. You can volunteer for one or more Thursdays of the month. There are two shifts during the day, 10-12 and 12-2. You can sign up for both shifts. If you wish to volunteer, please sign up via the office or on the sign-up sheet provided at the set-up day.

Below is a summary of the role of the BB volunteers written by Joy Braathen.


A place for people to be Welcomed and feel Welcomed, important and respected.


When there is a quiet moment please face the clothes and displays, dust and clean.


Get to know our visitors. Greet, chat with them.

Let the visitors know of anything that they may be interested in that is happening in the church and community.

This is not a conversion time, but a time to care.


Have fun and Thank you for volunteering and be as blessed as those we are here for.

update October 7:
The Blessings Boutique will be set up in a couple of weeks. Details, including role descriptions for volunteers, to follow in an upcoming newsletter. Once set up, the Boutique will be open on a drop-in (as-needed) basis to the Bridging the Gap clients, and by request only (for the time being) on Sundays after church.  Starting November 4th, the Boutique will be open to our church family AND to the public on Sundays after church and on Thursdays 10-2. We depend on getting more volunteers to open it more hours a week, but we have to start somewhere! We are looking for volunteers in the following areas:
  1. To be on duty at the store on Sundays (c10.30-11am whilst there is only one Sunday service).
  2. To be on duty at the store on Thursdays 10-2.
  3. To help set up a permanent Boutique in the hall (date and time depending on volunteer availability, just let us know when you can help).
  4. To donate unwanted clothing, accessories, toiletries, household items, tools and equipment. (Must be small enough to be carried away - no furniture, no books, no outmoded technology).
  5. To donate clothes rails and display shelves / stands.
Linda Hughes will be acting as hub for information and general co-ordinator, with Joy Braathen in a steering and advisory capacity. Vicki and Sulin are team support members.

For more information about the Blessings Boutique

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