I would like to thank you and St Peter’s for all that you do to support the Church Street Refugee Sponsorship Group. The Anglican Church has a significant reputation for helping refugees on the global scene, through Canada’s Private Refugee Sponsorship Program.  This program offers us a unique way to help people from across the world who are fleeing terrible situations and Canada has gained so much from the arrival of many gifted, hardworking people. 
Our sponsorship is going very well even though 2020 was full of challenges.We have submitted the paperwork to the Canadian government for all three of our refugees (no small task - believe me). They are so grateful that they will one day be coming to Canada.   
Through fundraising and donations our group now has over $40,000.  Having a presence on the St Peter’s website, and being able to receive donations via Canada Helps with the added bonus of e-transfers has helped so much.  We are grateful for all that you do to help us with this aspect of the sponsorship.
We meet regularly over Zoom to continue our fundraising efforts and to make plans for settling the refugees once they arrive in the valley.  At this point we do not know when they will arrive, and Covid has made predicting this very difficult. A few refugees have arrived on Vancouver Island in the last few months.  We continue to have hope that this will be the case for us perhaps later this year.
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Neil Crouch, who is acting as the liaison between our group and St Peter’s.
We are so fortunate to have such a great group of people working together on this project.
Thank you!
Alison Walkley
Coordinator for The Church Street Refugee Sponsorship Group

Contact Neil for more information