Freweini and I were saying that refugee sponsorship happens because of a thousand yeses.  Her sponsorship started with my (Alison's) daughter saying yes to helping her when they first met in Israel. Then it was my husband and I saying yes we would do what we could to help, and then it was the Diocese saying yes to being the SAHO.  This was followed by St Peter’s saying yes to being the enabling parish.  Then these yeses grew as people from St Peter’s and the broader community joined the sponsorship group.  And there were all the other yeses as our refugee's application was processed.  The yeses from people at the embassy, the back ground checks…..and the yeses from people who donated, and gave furniture, opened their homes, rented their suites.  So many yeses.  A thousand yeses! Because of all these yeses Frey (Freweini) is here in Canada.  As we spoke, our eyes filled with tears.  We are both so grateful to be part of each other’s lives. It has been a little more than five years since she and her daughter arrived. 
 Now we are in the process of gathering even more yeses as we move forward with Liya, Freta, Yosief and Betty’s sponsorships.  Thank you all for saying yes and for all that you are doing to help.  This is a remarkable journey, and I am grateful for all of you.