As I write this December report, I will admit that we are already almost two weeks into
January and, I am weary under the weight of covid-19 restrictions. That does not, however, take
away from the fun we had at youth group in December.
In December we focused on the ways that God moves in Love, and how that Love can
become tangible in acts of service. At the beginning of the month, youth and leaders read
through a long list of service project ideas and chose one that was seasonally appropriate
(considering the approaching season of Christmas as well as the reality of Covid).
The project of choice was making Christmas cards for specific members of both St. Peter’s and
St. George’s. I reached out to the office administrators at both churches and requested a list of
folks who were on their own for Christmas this year and/or were experiencing a particularly
difficult time and would have their spirits lifted by a Christmas card from CVY.
Making cards was a great teaching and learning opportunity for the youth as well as
myself. It was my assumption that because the group had a hand in choosing this project that
they’d be excited and motivated by it. That was the case for some, and definitely not for others.
It was a reminder to me that we all show love in different ways. That being said, it was also an
opportunity for the youth to be reminded that service to others doesn’t always consist of doing
the things we enjoy the most. Sometimes we colour and write cards simply because showing
love to others is worth our time and energy. Perhaps it wasn’t everyone’s favorite youth group
experience, but I believe it was a seed planted that will surely blossom in one form or another in
the years to come.
Our Christmas Party was held on December 18th in the Fellowship Hall at St. George’s.
It was so much fun! We set up a nativity set on a center table, a photobooth, a craft table, a “pin
the nose on the reindeer”, and shared a meal together. Youth took turns playing the piano and
blasting Christmas music on a bluetooth speaker. One of our youth made vegan and gluten free
cupcakes for everyone to enjoy. Once again, I wished we had more time together! Everyone
was a bit sad to say goodbye until the new year. We have so much love for one another.
There is an ever-growing, beautiful movement of relationships and friendships being
formed at Comox Valley Youth. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to describe. What I can say is
that the time we spend together at youth group is becoming less about games and themes, and
more about being together and the ways in which youth engage with discussion and one
another. The hand of God is continually intertwining the human need for connection and
community with the gift of one another. Spiritual needs are being met because there is a place
for youth to bring their authentic selves which is, of course, where deep spiritual needs often
surface. I am infinitely grateful to have the opportunity to help create and hold this space in the
Comox Valley.