Jordan Benson

I am making a lot of cloth masks -70 so far. I am giving them to the Transition Society who, with input from Public Health, is giving them to vulnerable people and communities. I will run out of elastic. If anyone wants to donate material – I need elastic that is 1/8 to ¼ inch wide or in metric 3mm to 5mm wide. Elastic and light coloured thread (although switching to my brightly coloured thread would be fun). I am also starting to make extra for others so if anyone needs a set (one for wearing and one for washing)  let me know. I don’t want money for me but please consider an extra donation to St Peter’s. They do not replace stay-at-home or physical distancing but if you are going grocery shopping or other essential outings where you are close to people they help you not spread the virus if you have it but don’t know it. They don’t protect the wearer. All the tiny reductions in risk of spread add up and make a difference. I have made them as comfortable and fitted (wire to fit over your nose) as possible so you don’t have to touch them or your face. I forgot I was wearing one and went to take a sip of water. They are made with love so they can be worn with love for others.

In Him,

Alison Knowles, [email protected]