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There is a lot of new and changing information available about containing the spread of Covid-19, as well as different opinions about how to use this information in public policy-making. 

Here in BC we are being asked to cooperate with Public Health recommendations so that we might face public disapproval instead of criminal charges for non-cooperation.

As of Oct. 26, 2020 the BC Government stated "The expectation is that everyone wears a mask in all indoor public spaces".

To abide by this expectation, with the goal of protecting those among us who are vulnerable, we will be asking you to wear a mask during the worship service inside the church, and at all group events in the hall, starting Nov. 1. Masks will be available at the door for those who don’t have one of their own.

In addition to this earnest request we have several protocol documents to guide us:

protocols created by the diocese for liturgical practise

protocols specific to St. Peter's

protocols related to community users

As of November 5, new cases have been reported in the town of Comox. Please help us to prevent the spread of Covid-19 by wearing a mask when indoors, close to other people, and by minimizing your time indoors with other people, especially in small and/or unventilated conditions. 

We want to share this article from the Spanish daily Le Pais, reprinted in the Winnipeg Free Press. It presents the results of a recent study of the spread of the virus in Spain, using graphics that help to visualize droplet and particle transmission in various conditions.