Dear St. Peters' Parishioners, 
Many of you will already be aware that David Duncan has chosen to resign from his role as Peoples' Warden. He took on a second term with the intention of resigning once he was able to bring a number of significant issues and projects to fruition.
We thank him most sincerely for a truly phenomenal job, most notably his shepherding the repurposing of the church house from general use to family home and his work on the restructuring of the Parish Council.
The Parish Council nomination committee has been called back into service - that's Joan Holmes, Connie Treen, Jonathan Hocking and myself, Neil Crouch as chair.
We are therefore calling for nominations to be submitted to us by May 15, 2021. We encourage you to step forward and nominate yourself if you sense the call, or to submit another person's name after you have consulted with them. Names can be sent in either by email to one of us or by choosing to access the form on the church website
Please be aware that it is, in truth, no small task, but one that is critical to the ongoing life of the Parish. The person selected will work in partnership with Jonathan Hocking who continues as Rector's Warden.
We are planning to call a Special Parish Meeting via Zoom on Tuesday June 1 2021 to elect a new Peoples’ Warden so that we can fill the position before the arrival of summer.
Sincerely, Neil Crouch, Joan Holmes, Connie Treen

Nominations for a new People's Warden are now being accepted. Please submit names using the form below.

Nominate someone for People's Warden