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We want to put our best foot forward during our 130th anniversary celebrations, and that will require many of us from St Peters to work behind the scenes or become ambassadors to the community, our guests for this event. With enough parishioner participation even the busiest of us will get a chance to enjoy the party.  Will you consider helping? Please, look at the list below and find a way to share in the hosting. Some initiative will be required, but lots of resources and help are available to answer questions and get you started, and support will continue right through to the end.  Team up with an old friend, or get teamed up with a new friend. We need people to:

  • Memories - collect stories of people from St Peter's in days gone by. 
  • Open Church - organizers, welcomers, display creators, prayer station attendants, docents
  • Fun and games for children & adults  - create, supervise, join in!
  • Ministries desk - showcasing ministries and programs at St Peters
  • Music / singers - organize musical events, pre-recordings, and presentations
  • Outreach - organize input, displays, &/or booths from our partners in mission.

 Call or email the office, or use the form below to indicate your interest. Thank you!

I want to be an ambassador or work behind the scenes

please indicate your area(s) of interest