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The 2020-21 PWRDF World of Gifts Catalog in PDF form is available at the link below or you can get more information at their website by clicking here.  The Primate's World Relief Development Fund has responded to your suggestions. For example, the most important resource of all in development aid work is WATER, and water is a feature of no less than seven (7) PWRDF gifts this year (#8, 10, 11, 15, 16, 17, and 18). Many regions where PWRDF provides aid (in the subtropics) suffer from drought and lack of water exacerbated by climate change. If a community does not have access to clean water, then other development gifts become virtually useless. 2. Our federal government is providing matching funds (6:1) this year for gifts involving personal protective equipment to prevent the spread of Covid-19. That applies to gifts #5, 6, and 7, so that every $1 you give there becomes $7 towards those items. 3. Aid to Canadian First Nation communities is provided under gifts #21 and 22. (Note that PWRDF does not provide aid for water and sewage facilities to FN communities because those are responsibilities of our Canadian government, paid by your taxes.) 4. Gifts of cows are not included in this year’s catalog, but GOATs certainly are (#1, 2, and 3). Note that a single goat provides enough milk for any family, plus they are much easier to keep, feed and care for than a cow. 5. You can provide a ‘whole farm’ (item #14) to a family this year for just $570. 6. If you have family members who have no great needs and request no gift, then they may be delighted if you gave a PWRDF gift in their name, perhaps indicated within your perfect greeting card. My own daughters were thrilled to have farm animal gifts given in their name the last couple of years, knowing that those gifts would provide far more joy and assistance to a needy person than some frivolous gift that they might have received themselves and forgotten about the next day. The old cliché that “it’s better to give than receive” truly applies. Thank you for reading this far. There are a number of new and innovative gifts available in the catalog this year, so I invite you to take the time to view them. Regards, Geoff Strong PWRDF Diocesan Representative