Dear St. Peters Walkers,
We have been unable to begin our regular season of hikes due to the
Covid 19 pandemic. However, now that the church has started up
again we were wondering if some of you would like to start our hikes
These are the protocols we would have to follow:
1. Participants should administer their own wellness check and stay
home if feeling unwell.
2. Getting to hike sites is your responsibility.
3. Physical distancing must be maintained.
4. All participants must sign in with contact information.
5. Touching between participants is not permitted.
6. Participants must cover coughs or sneezes.
7. Participants must bring their own beverages and snack. There
must be no sharing of food or beverages.
These are the protocols expected from the church since this is a
church activity. If you want to go ahead and try it out, I will set up a
first walk on August 23. We will hike at Seal Bay Park, meeting at 1
pm at the park entrance. Please respond to me, Mickey Girard at
[email protected] or call 250-941-2439, or contract the
church office. Let me know if you are interested.
Blessings, Mickey Girard