ACTS for Water

A locally driven solution to a global crisis.

Our approach partners with Ugandans to deliver the benefits of clean, safe water: for life.

About the Jerry Can Project

Our Advent 2020 message

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Dec.22 update:

Hey St. Peter's Anglican Church,

Today is a historic day in the Kabumba and Kogorogo villages in KOTA as we commissioned 4 taps to begin flowing 6,000 litres of life-giving water flowing every single day from here on out. It’s a celebration that you are a part of because of your faithful monthly commitment.  

We’re not done with this project (10 more taps to go), but we couldn’t wait to get these villages up and running before Christmas! Just think of the difference it will make for these families! Families including Godfrey Kiiza's, who welcomed me in and shared a meal with me back in February just before the pandemic broke, now have access to clean water, hygiene essentials, and training when they need it most. 

It’s the good news we all need right now - and you helped write it.

“I thank Acts for bringing clean water. I was taking 2 hours to go behind the hill to fetch water and would find pigs bathing from the same water I was to collect. But today Acts has brought clean water just near my home! Thank you, I will no longer walk a long distance to fetch water.” 

- Angella (8 years old)

These stories and faces make me so grateful for you - the community that has faithfully given each month allowing us to do this work. Below, you can see the faces and hear the voices now filled with hope and joy. Those taps now forever connect you with them!

I know many are bracing for a different and potentially difficult Christmas here in Canada. Yet today about 1,600 people in the Kabumba and Kogorogo villages are celebrating cool, clean water for Christmas and we hope their joy may bring you joy as well - because it, like water, connects us all.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas, with moments of that same joy you’ve brought to our friends in Uganda.

- Jeff Golby
CEO, Acts for Water