We are a peer counselling community centre.  

We are committed to helping people before, during, and after pregnancies. 

You can count on receiving safe, non-judgmental, compassionate support in a time when life takes an unexpected turn.
We are a non-profit and non-political registered charity.  We are a group of professional staff, devoted volunteers, and an overseeing board of directors.  Our services are free and all services are confidential.

For medical related questions we will refer you to your family doctor or help you to find a family doctor.

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June 2021:

Please thank your congregation for their support!

Normally we end this fundraiser on Father’s Day, but we will continue to run this fundraiser for a few more weeks.

If you wouldn’t mind highlighting this fundraiser on Father’s Day or another convenient time we would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you again.

Lisa & Team at CVPCC

April 2021:

Newsletter AGM May 2021

Operation Baby Bottle 

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