Comox Valley Youth is an inclusive and supportive environment where youth can explore the arts, community outreach, environmentalism, and social justice in new and creative ways. Youth grades 6-12 are invited to attend our online events.

December 2020 update:

Our age range for youth group is grades 6-12. And we have just that. 
Having such a wide range has had its challenges, and also its benefits. 
The challenges include:
 - making it a fun space for everyone 
 - discussion time (a challenge for the younger youth)
 - engaging activities for all ages
Often times the energy brought by the younger youth tend to be quite different than that of the older youth. I am convinced that there is no such thing as too much energy, or the wrong energy, I just need to find a way to help them channel it!
The benefits include:
 - opportunity for ages to mix (this is uncommon in many places - school, dance, sports)
 - beautiful moments of empathy (eg. when a 15 year old tells an 11 year old she understands.)
 - the older youth have leadership opportunities
 - the younger youth aging out of kid's programs are a part of something new and different 
 - we learn to hold space for others, no matter what. 
 - and honestly, on those days when the older youth are too cool for school - the younger ones bring tremendous energy and joy. 
At this point, Youth Group will continue to be one day/week and combine all ages. This is, primarily, because there is no obvious place to spilt the group. Additionally, the benefits far outweigh the challenges. 
Health Orders and Online Youth Group
Moving forward into December, we will meet online via zoom. 
So, what will online youth group look like? I am not sure exactly.  I will plan games and activities for us to engage in, and hopefully there will be an online Christmas party! I will send you all another update in December as to how its going. 
First and foremost, however, online youth group will be a place for us to connect with one another in this time of disconnection from so much else. 
Thank you for your continued prayers as we all navigate this unknown together. 
Jenna Spowart
Youth Minister
Comox Valley Youth
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