Corker Hall is 17m x 10m (53 ft x 30 ft) open space, no fixed furnishings, with a simple PA system
Ellis Hall, 8m x 8m (25 ft x 25 ft), contains lounge furniture and the library

The two halls are connected by a hallway and share two washrooms.

The halls contain 16 trestle tables, 94 stacking chairs, 12 fabric chairs, and 10 square tables. They also share a kitchen which may be used for coffee and tea. Any use of the kitchen for food preparations requires FoodSafe certification.

The Church Sanctuary, built in 1939, remodelled in 2007, 30m x 10m (100 ft x 30 ft) may be rented for meetings. Seats 80 in fixed pews plus 40 in movable comfy chairs. Church users also use the washrooms in the hall. 

Wifi is available in both buildings. The PA system in the hall is simple, and comes with instructions, but the PA and video system in the church require a trained operator.  

Our rental rate for any of the spaces is $20 per hour with a two-hour minimum (for specific event prices see below). Parking is not included.

How to rent: read this webpage, contact the office, get copies of and read the rules and policies, get the insurance, place a deposit, get a keyfob and information package, sign the policy, have your event, return the key for deposit, and pay the balance.

We have no custodian on staff -- rental groups will be responsible for their own chair and table setup and takedown during their rental time. 

All rental groups will need to read and accept the policies of the Diocese regarding sexual misconduct. 

All rental groups will need to provide proof of insurance. The Diocese offers affordable insurance through AON on this website: 

Still interested? Please call 250-941-5388 or email for more information, or to make a rental inquiry.

Our agreement to allow an organisation or individual to use or hire our hall does not necessarily imply our approval of the aims and views of those who use our space. However, there is an expectation that no individual or organisation conduct any activities on our premises which are in opposition to Christian values or go against St Peter's vision to be caring, inclusive and just.

Users who are renting outside office hours (TWT 9-1) will need to get a keyfob from the office during office hours, prior to the rental period. At that time they can also get a copy of the guidelines, with wifi passwords, emergency contact #s etc.)

Washrooms are professionally cleaned weekly but not before each user group. All washroom users are advised to use soap, water, and sanitizers as appropriate.

All rental event times will be in our public calendar. We can make the booking as anonymous as you like. Please advise how it should read.

Use of the kitchen is permitted for coffee and tea. See above.

Wifi is available -- you will be provided a password before your rental period. 

An easy-to-operate PA system is available for the larger hall. The instructions are in the hall. We have a video projector with a projection screen, and a large screen TV.

Church renters will have access to the washrooms in the hall. 

A health and safety briefing should also be completed to include information on the
location of the first aid kit, AED, fire safety equipment and emergency exits for the premises.

The use of our small parking lot is case-by-case. There are several spots beside the golf course north of the church. North of the hydro box you have a 3 day parking limit, however be warned that some of the street parking outside our building has a two hour limit, with some spots only a 15 minute limit. 

For weddings, baptisms, funerals etc using the church: The building rentals only should be paid to St. Peter’s Church:

Church & Hall (non-parishioners) $180

Church & Hall (parishioners) $100

The following individuals should be paid directly by cheque, cash, or other method as arranged:

Priest 300

Audio Tech 50

Video/Slides Tech 50

Livestream Tech & Equipment 100

Lead Musician 100 Other Musicians 75 Singers 50

Additional admin $30/h (layout, printing etc)

If the funeral home is handling all expenses, they may handle payment to the priest and musicians.

Reception – Our parish hall is available for holding a reception following the service. We do not provide food and drink but we can recommend caterers.

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For more information or to inquire about renting

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