Each member of Parish Council is responsible for a specific Area of Interest. The Council member responsible will seek the support and assistance of other parishioners in order to fulfil their mandate. The extent to which this is necessary will depend on the area of interest. All Council members should report on a regular basis to the Rector and/or Wardens about their Area of Interest. The Council members will in most cases serve as the first point of contact for parishioners making inquiries or suggestions.


To assess on an ongoing basis the maintenance needs of our grounds and buildings and to recommend priorities in this regard, in order to ensure the upkeep of our facilities and the overall appearance of our property. Research and investigate how maintenance needs can be met most expeditiously and cost effectively. Advise and recommend work to the Rector and Wardens, and with approval of leadership, liaise with various vendors to provide necessary direction and ensure all work is completed in a satisfactory manner.


In concert with the administrative assistant, to review, develop and ensure consistency in Parish branding, and to advise on the use and form of various types of communications, both within the Parish, and externally. Review and recommend improvements to current forms within the Parish including the notice boards and weekly digital newsletter. Identify other opportunities. Consider external advertising options and recommend enhancements to use of social media and our Parish website.


To coordinate all social activities both in-church, and those involving members of the
broader community. Liaise with organizers to ensure that all necessary logistical and resource
support is provided. Manage the kitchen to ensure that all supplies are on hand and that cleaning
and safety protocols are followed. Suggest new ideas for in-church social activities and estimate
any necessary expenditures.


To liaise with those overseeing each ministry within the Parish, which are designed to
benefit parishioners physically, emotionally and/or spiritually. To ensure that all applicable policies
and protocols are adhered to and to assist with any logistical or administrative issues that impact
the successful functioning of our various ministries. To assess and relay any suggestions or new
ideas that come forward where a particular need is not being met, to the Rector, who is ultimately
responsible for all aspects of worship and pastoral care within the Parish.


To represent the Parish with respect to all initiatives that involve outreach to the
community. This includes our financial support to external groups/organizations to support their
programs/events. Also included are our own programs designed to serve the community. Identify
new opportunities in this regard and develop proposed ideas and associated costs.


The music ministry lead is the first contact for anyone wanting to work in musical ministry; to coordinate and liaise with the Rector, the musical portions of the services.