We understand that the situation of refugee claimants is a very difficult one, however we can not accept direct requests for sponsorship. 
All of our sponsorships are done through the BVOR program:
The BVOR program works with refugee referral organizations, like the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR).
We encourage you to follow the instructions here, for your best chance at coming to Canada as a refugee:
We pray for the safety and health of all people living in these extremely difficult circumstances:
Dear Lord Jesus, your family on earth knew the life of refugees when they fled to Egypt. Bless all who seek refuge on this earth. Meet their needs for safety and for home. Move the hearts of your people to show them welcome. Cause wars to cease and bring justice to the nations that no one will need to flee again. In your great mercy, Lord hear our prayer. Amen.
Dear heavenly Father, tenderly bless all vulnerable children who are journeying alone in this world. Comfort orphaned children whose parents have been taken from them by violence. Provide for refugee children who are far from home and don’t know where their families may be. Guide migrant children who take dangerous journeys to find family or opportunity. Rescue trafficked children whose freedom and innocence have been betrayed. Protect all children who need your care, bringing them justice, safety and home. In Jesus’ name, amen.
To help, or for more information, please visit the Canadian Council for Refugees website  https://ccrweb.ca/en

Contact the Church Street Refugee Sponsorship Group

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