The Blessings Boutique and Bridging the Gap continue to spread the love of neighbour! Generosity is the fuel of these ministries and they are both going strong. Would you like to help? The BB1 (remember there is a BB2 in Courtenay at St. John the Divine!) could use some good used or new storage boxes or totes with lids to store clothing. Bridging the Gap could use soap, cereal, and boxed or canned milk.

St. Peter’s offers people in need a small supply of non-perishable food once a month to help bridge the gap. Make a request at 218 Church St, or by phone 250-941-5388, during office hours (Tu-Th 9-1) or email, or use the contact form below.

Boxes can include cereal, canned soup/vegetables/fruit, mac’n’cheese, ramen soups, bread, granola bars, tuna, cookies, chocolate, seasonal items, sauces, condiments, toiletries etc. We also offer baked goods and fresh fruits and vegetables when they are available.

Please use the form below to contact our office for food box requests or for more information.

Contact the office

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