When you go away from home, the hydro, water, and heat still work in your house.

When you are away from church, ministry still continues.

Just as bill paying and paycheque transactions have become easier through pre-authorised withdrawal and automatic deposit, so we want to make it simpler for you to support our ministries even when you are not here…

It’s Convenient

Pre-authorised giving is a monthly giving option available to you at no charge. It eliminates the need for you to write a cheque each month for your regular donation to the church.Pre-authorised giving is also known as pre-authorised remittance, abbreviated PAR.

It’s Assured

If you are away on holidays, out of town on business, or ill, your offering will be made, ensuring the continued ministry of the church.

Here’s What to Do

Whatever you now give weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually, simply convert to a monthly amount.

Print and fill in the application form.

Enclose it with a cheque marked “VOID” (or a printout from your online banking app).

Place it on the offering plate, give it to one of the church wardens, or hand it into the office.

Your offering will be deducted automatically every month from your bank account in the same way as your utility bills may be. 

Your donations can be directed in whole or part to the general fund, outreach, or our Partners in Mission. Indicate on the enclosed form how you wish your donation to be directed. 

You can still make special donations to Flowers in Memory of a loved one, PWRDF, etc. by contributing through the offering plate.

What about Records?

Offerings are recorded automatically and individually on your monthly bank statement. These offerings are recorded at the Parish and included on your annual tax receipt.

If Your Circumstances Change

The amount of your offering can be changed at any time. Simply notify the Envelope Secretary of the change through the office or email directly to givings@stpeterscomox.ca

If your banking information has changed please provide a new “VOID” cheque.

For more information

If you would like more information about the advantages of pre-authorised giving, please email the Envelope Secretary givings@stpeterscomox.ca or speak to the Administrative Assistant in the office.