2023 safechurch update
All Criminal record checks should be submitted to the office. The original will be forwarded to the Diocese and we will keep a copy here at St Peters for our own reference.
The St. Peter's safechurch liaison is Mike Werth - send an email to safechurch@stpeterscomox.ca
Some volunteers require safechurch training. They include:
  1. All volunteers who are in leadership/authority roles.
  2. All volunteers who work with children or vulnerable persons.
  3. All volunteers who handle money or financial decisions.
  4. All volunteers who hold a key to the parish buildings.
update September 2022:

1. A criminal record check for one organization does not qualify as a CRC for another. This means if you are required to have a CRC to volunteer for St Peters, you must have a separate CRC done for St Peters even if you had one done for (for example) Glacier View Lodge, or L'Arche. 

2. It is no longer necessary to book an appointment at the RCMP - just stop by between 8:30 - 11:45 am & 2:15 - 3:45 pm weekdays. You have to wear a mask.  You need 2 pieces of Government-issued ID.  DRiver's License/Care Card counts as one piece, so you'll need your Passport or Birth Certificate, etc.

Police Information Checks (PIC) and Criminal Record Checks (CRC)
If you have a clearance letter from the last five years, please send a copy to the office.
If you require a new criminal record check, there are currently two methods that can be used.
Method 1: A new record check can be done online by going to https://justice.gov.bc.ca/eCRC/home.htm
Use the access code for our organization:  T9X4DHYNLX
You will be prompted to create or use your BC Services Card. This is a little confusing - it's not a real card, it's an app on your phone. Install the "BC Services Card App" on your phone. Open it. You will be prompted to scan or manually enter the barcode on the back of your physical Medical Services Card or Drivers License. Then you will be asked to enter your birthdate, take a picture of your face, and record a short video of your face saying your name and a short phrase. You will need to wait a couple of days to get verified, then you can complete the Criminal Record Check process online. It will default to a Vulnerable Sector Check, which is required for working with children and vulnerable adults.
Method 2 (updated November 2023): Ask the admin in the St.Peter's office for a letter stating that you will be doing volunteer work for the church. This will eliminate the cost for the application. Take the letter to the RCMP station at 800 Ryan Rd, Courtenay (across from Superstore). Times are restricted: Monday - Friday 830am-1145am, and 2pm-345pm. Ask for a criminal record check (also known as a background check). You may or may not need to be fingerprinted. They will tell you when to come back to pick up the results. Bring the results in to the office.
In either case:
You may need to pick up the results from the RCMP - ask about processing times.
If you receive the results by mail, please bring the letter in to the office.
If I receive the results directly I will let you know.
The certificate will be valid for five years.
Safechurch Training
This training is required for anyone on Parish Council and anyone working with children or vulnerable adults through pastoral care, youth ministries, care home visiting etc. 
July 2022 update: 

After a two-year break, Safe Church training is returning. This program provides training to both clergy and lay volunteers to ensure our churches are places of safety from the harm of misconduct that can occur in situations when there is an imbalance of power, to ensure safety for those who come to us seeking the love of Christ, and to ensure that all our volunteers and employees are aware of their own personal safety and are equipped to manage their own personal risk.

Safe Church training is offered online through the Praesidium Academy training platform. If your volunteer position requires it, but you have never had the training, or your certificate is more than five years old, you will soon receive an email invitation from the Diocese with your login instructions to take the online training. For more information, your Safe Church liaison is Mike in the office.

For more information visit the Diocese webpage on Safechurch