The Unity Cupboard at St. Peter’s provided 413 adults and 99 of their children with groceries, household essentials and small articles of clothing particularly during the winter season in 2017. Committed volunteers were available on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 10:00 until 1:00 o’clock to provide coffee and goodies, fill grocery bags, and most importantly offer our neighbours in need respect, hospitality and a place to visit that is safe and inviting. Over the year over 300 visitors came to offer support and provide an environment that made our guests feel welcome.

We are truly grateful to the parish for ongoing financial help, white gifts, and the extra’s such as garden produce, specialty foods and articles that were a wonderful treat and simply not affordable on very strict budgets.

Additional Volunteers are needed to keep the Unity Cupboard ‘alive & well’. Please consider helping on a part-time or regular basis so our present volunteers can take some needed time out for holidays or other activities.

Please help to support this valuable resource to our community. Prayers and a personal commitment would be welcome.

Contact Denny Beeman by using the contact form below.

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