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Winning bidders: Payment can be made by e-transfer, or cheque, cash, debit or credit card by phone or in person at the office. 

Those paying electronically: You will receive an email saying: Order Status:    Paid Credit Card (Local)

This does NOT mean your credit card was charged - it's just how biddingowl shows a debit/credit/e-transfer payment. We are taking the payment "locally" meaning NOT through the biddingowl site.

Things great and small were pledged and donated to raise fun and funds for St.Peter's outreach. 

This year we offer items that are fun, handmade, practical, Indigenous, art, Christmas, fine china, and jewellery. 

Online gallery and bidding site:

Here's a two-minute guide on how to register and bid!

The auction is hosted on the biddingowl site which requires you to register before you place a bid. Choose any "Bidder Display Name" you wish, if you'd like to remain anonymous.

If you require help in getting registered or would like us to bid for you, please contact the office. 

Use your imagination, and exercise your generosity. Let's have some festive fun with this event again this year!