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Hello Friends, Due to the fact that our Hospitality Ministry is very busy we have purchased a new refrigerator for the kitchen so that they don’t have to share fridge space with Bridging the Gap.  We have moved the freezer into the basement of the church house to better facilitate that ministry. We will sell or donate our large noisy commercial refrigerator to an organization that can make better use of it. 

While planning what we need to do outdoors we identified several trees that need to be trimmed and a couple that have reached beyond maturity and need to be removed.  The scope of work was approved unanimously by the church council. The trees to be removed are not actual trees but have been identified by the township as Hedging Cedars. They are located next to the front corner of the church between the house and church. We have received approval from the township for their removal and we are planning on replanting the area with shrubs. There are several trees that have the potential to break causing damage to the buildings and property so these must be trimmed to maintain safety on our grounds. The plum trees at the front of the house and the apple tree in the back will be trimmed to increase their beauty and provide better clearance from the street and surrounding neighbours.  This work is scheduled for the end of May. 

We received a donation of flooring for the church house and need a couple people to help with the installation.  It will involve moving furniture in and out of rooms and helping with the placement of flooring in the bedrooms.  No experience is necessary.  Just a willingness to help and a strong back (and knees).

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about this upcoming work.

Lenten blessings,

Bruce Boswell