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M J Crouch and Rachel Reynolds presented a proposal for a project to assist seniors, particularly those caring for family with dementia, in creating a book for each that records significant events and themes from their lives.

The preauthorized remittances (PAR) program is now in place and many have agreed to use the new system. All parishioners are encouraged to use this system for their own convenience and to improve greater stability to parish income.  Forms to achieve this are on the website and at the back of the church.

The last community lunch welcomed 48 participants; 106 attended the Shrove Tuesday supper with a very strong supporting cast from the parish; a new freezer is needed as the existing one is too small for the increasing hospitality activity in the parish. 

Key fobs: In line with Diocesan and Insurance requirements, Parish key fobs will be issued only under the following conditions:
Each fob will be programmed to have restricted time access to Church buildings - this serves also to ensure confidentiality of users, and to safeguard the fob holder and others.
The fob is for the 'programme' and not the individual. The maximum number of fobs issued to a group is 2.
Access to Church buildings outside the programmed times will be by the usual means; i.e. on request to Mike or Rev Sulin.
Fobs must not be shared or passed to others, even on a one-off basis.
Report missing fobs immediately.
ALL fob holders must have Safe Church and a Criminal Record Check, including those who want to borrow a spare fob for any duration.

Full minutes of the February meeting are available in the hall, on the bookshelf near the front door.