St Peter's supports several organizations with a monthly donation. We call these "Our Partners in Mission". Last year it was decided to review our partners in mission, so in May 2020 Parish Council approved a list of criteria, that organizations St. Peter's supports would be:
  • faith-based
  • have a degree of need (underfunded or under-represented)
  • be financially responsible
  • have a proven track record
Council also identified the "areas of support", or types of mission work, that it saw as being at the heart of St. Peter's missional outreach (in no particular order):
  • physically/developmentally challenged
  • hunger (food security?)
  • homelessness
  • youth
  • international 
  • climate change (the environment) 
  • reconciliation
We welcome you to nominate organizations that are in these categories.
Those names will be presented for congregational consideration, for financial support from St. Peter's in the year ahead.
Please forward these nominations before December 20.