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St. Peter's promotes a different charitable organization every month, designated as our "Partner in Mission" for that month. We encourage you to support these partners by designating some or all of your donations.

Jan & Feb             Coldest Night of the Year 
Mar & Apr            Loaves and Fishes
May & June          ACTS
July & Aug           Primate's World Relief and Development Fund
Sept & Oct           Sonshine Lunch
Nov & Dec              L’Arche Comox Valley

You can designate part or all of your donations to St. Peter's no matter which way you donate:

  • by envelope: write the name of the Area of Interest or Partner in Mission on your envelope and indicate the portion or percentage of your givings to be allocated
  • by e-transfer: use the "message" area to indicate your wishes
  • by cheque: use the memo line to indicate an Area of Interest or Partner in Mission
  • by debit or credit card: come in to or call the office to make a donation over the phone
  • through Canadahelps: use the dropdown to choose between General Fund and Partner in Mission
  • by pre-approved withdrawal (e-plate aka PAR): call or send an email to the office 250-941-5388, or to, or call our envelope secretary Leslie Dojack, to indicate what amount or percentage of your offering should be designated to which Area of Interest or Partner in Mission.
  • other ways to donate 

If you need more information, or with help in designating, please contact the office.

January 2022 policy update: Dear Friends, For many years St Peter’s have supported Partners in Mission (PinM) by monthly donations. The reasons for supporting a particular organisation in the past grew from personal connections or particular needs at the time, which may no longer be relevant. Two years ago we started a process to review who we would support as a Church. This resulted in guidelines to the organizations we felt we could support. In November last year we invited the congregation to suggest organizations that they would like us to include in our review. The response was disappointing with very few suggestions coming forward. This lead us to feel that we should look again at how or even if we should be supporting PinM, by monthly donation through our budget, and if there was a better way to engage and support different ministries.

We then consulted with a number of other parishes on the Island to see how they handle their giving to outside organisations. The predominant model is as follows. Each year either a small committee or the church as a whole identifies local, national or global groups to focus on. Every month one recipient is promoted through the Newsletter, announcements in Church, and by other means. People are invited to donate to the organisation via the Church and at the end of the month the sum total of donations are sent to the charity in question and the results published in the parish.

This approach has several advantages. Firstly it gives us the opportunity to engage more fully with who we are supporting and what they are doing. It gives us the opportunity for a more personal connection or to respond to a particular need. Secondly if you prefer to support a different organisation, you can do so in a different month. It gives us the flexibility to review annually which PinM we will promote each year, and it will simplify our budget as donations to our PinM will be independent of church income and expense.

This new model proposal was discussed and approved by the Rector Wardens and Treasurer, as part of the Budget review and then approved by the Parish Council (who are responsible for policy) at the January council meeting.

In our December council meeting we considered and approved 12 organisations that had been suggested as potential PinM which included organizations we currently support. So the plan this year is to feature one organization each month starting in March this year, until February 2023, (to run between AVM’s). In December we will review how this has worked and choose the next years PinM.

In order not to drop the monthly payments to those we currently support without notice, we have budgeted for two months more regular giving. The last payment will be made in May.

If you have any questions, please ask.

Rev Sulin, J. Hocking, D. Beeman