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Dear friends of St. Peter,
Our annual online auction is now live, with a whopping 230+ items up for grabs!!! 
More items are on their way, and you can still donate items for auction, but the sooner the better.
A new category this year: Promises -- where you can bid for a bass guitar lesson, a handyman for two hours, a pickup truck for a dump run, dogwalking, catsitting, etc..
If you participated last year, you can use the same login and password as before. Or click the Forgot Password link.
If you're new to the game, here's a two-minute video to get you started
Try it out, and have fun!  Make a wrong bid by mistake? No worries! Mike will fix it, just send an email or call the office.
For added fun, count the number of times Mavis the parish dog is hidden amongst the items, for a chance to win an exclusive audience with Her Mavisty.