Hi Friends @ St. Peters - 

I do hope your congregation is keeping well during this bizarre and difficult season. Thank you for the generosity and love you have shown towards our friends in Uganda through the provisions of clean, accessible water when it is needed most. Even during this time. Honestly, we just feel so privileged to be in this role during this time - to be able to have the team we have doing what we’re doing during this tough but critical time.

This is in large part because of your Church’s investment into this ministry for so many years. 

I wanted to just send a note with a few updates to share some of the great news that has been happening because of your investment in our ministry. I’m not sure if you saw but we broke ground in KOTA just weeks ago. A really exciting day for the community - you can check out a few awesome pictures HERESoon over 2400 people will have clean, disease free water for life because of this work. It’s really a miracle in a lot of ways as we didn’t think when the pandemic happened that this would be possible. Part of what made it possible was the local government coming through with a $22 000 gift in materials for it. We were blown away. In fact, to date our local Ugandan team has fundraised over $60 000 for this three year project we’ve been on.

We’ve now transitioned from soap distribution to teaching soap making for families. Women have taken that and turned it into a micro finance opportunity where they can now sell the soap they’re making in the village. It’s been pretty neat to see. Our programming team is really in their ‘prime’ these days. I feel so blessed to be doing this work in this critical time.

Lastly, we’ve just launched our Jerry Can Project as part of our Water Connects Us All Campaign. We have a special version just for Churches and I would love to connect with you if this is at all of interest. During a season of increasing disconnection, this could be a great way to bring people together around providing clean, disease-free water to communities in need. I’ve attached a PDF here.

Above all - just wanted to send a quick but sincere thank you so much for your generosity. If you are meeting via Zoom or would like to connect in some way - I’d be more than happy to connect up to give more updates this way.

Thanks again


Jeff Golby
CEO | Acts for Water
C| 604.765.3001
O| 778.855.4352
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