St. Peter's Comox relies almost exclusively on the generous giving of our congregation, to support the works of our church. While we encourage all parishioners to give to the general fund as much as possible, we recognize that some parishioners desire the option to regularly or periodically make designated donations.


Designated donations which are received by St. Peter's Comox will be received and recorded. They will be used as the donor intended, with the understanding that when the funding for the relevant aspect of church operations is met, or there is no longer a need for funding in the designated area as confirmed by the Rector and Wardens, the remaining contributions will be allocated to the area which is deemed to be most compatible with the intentions of the donor.


When a designated donation is made, the amount must be recorded on a donation envelope, identifying the giver, and the nature of the donation using the following categories:

Building and Grounds






These categories parallel our "Areas of Interest" for Council members and Rector (Worship). In addition, the number of categories provide the option of designation, while not becoming cumbersome administratively to track.

Please note that there may occasionally be specific projects that are approved by Council, that for a period of time, require designated funding.

With respect to Partners in Mission, St Peter's Comox supports a different organisation each month. Persons may write a cheque to the Partner and drop it off at St. Peter’s office, or submit a cash offering in a labelled envelope, or designate a portion of any electronic offering by contacting [email protected]

This paragraph removed June 2022:

With respect to Outreach, St. Peter's Comox supports several charitable organizations on an ongoing basis. If you wish to support a specific individual organization, please do so directly as we cannot accept such donations.