The Pastorate is a gathering of some 15 to 25 people, from the youngest to the oldest of St. Peter’s flock, who zoom together on Thursday evenings, to:

· Meet for an hour of study/discussion/conversation/song/prayer at 7 p.m. We will discuss books or videos that give us insight into faith

· Sometimes we read poetry that has sustained our spiritual life or just take time to share meaningful life experiences. All are encouraged to speak freely and treat each other’s views with the ultimate respect.

In the midst of COVID, we now meet via Zoom every second Thursday at 7 pm to check-in, discuss a topic of spiritual, social or personal relevance in our lives, and then close in prayer.

We greatly enjoy our community life together and seek ways to provide leadership and outreach to our church and the wider community. We find our time together greatly enriches and stretches our spiritual life and builds valuable bonds of friendship.

We welcome any and all who would care to join us. You do not have to have children to qualify (several of us are definitely in the grandparent category). We enjoy varying perspectives on the issues we discuss and engage in open, honest and prayerful discussion.

If you are interested, please contact the office or use the contact form below for more information and to get the zoom link. 

Contact Greg for more information and the zoom link