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Volunteer Roles September 2021 to...?

  1. Flowers - Donate and arrange flowers
  2. Readers - Read scripture
  3. Prayers - Write and read the prayers of intercession
  4. Greeters - Greet people and help people get seated

Volunteer Roles for Covid-19 In-Person Services - with a brief description  

  1. Usher
  2. Music
  3. Sound board operator
  4. AV operator
  5. Reader
  6. Prayers (intercessions)
  7. Washroom monitor    

1. The USHER checks the names of people as they arrive against the attendance sheet, then shows each person to their seat. They will allot any unreserved seats to anyone who arrives who has not registered in advance, until all available seats are taken, making a note of the person’s contact details. After the service the usher will wipe the high-touch surfaces with the sanitizer provided in the vestry. A sheet of detailed instructions will be provided. Point of contact: Rev Sulin    

2. The MUSICIAN will play quietly as people gather and as they leave. There can be no singing. Be prepared to play reflective music at other points of the service if necessary. For example, if it is Holy Communion, some music may be required as the host is distributed. INSTRUMENTS ARE NOT LIMITED TO THE KEYBOARD! Other instruments can be used, but wind instruments are discouraged. Point of contact: Rev Sulin    

3. The SOUNDBOARD OPERATOR The church sound board (or mixer) is an important part of how we use our church building. The soundboard balances the voices, instruments, and video sound through to the loud speakers and to hearing broadcast for those with hearing aids. The sound board operator controls what we hear by adjusting the volume of each microphone or instrument. This can be done on the soundboard itself or using a virtual board on an iPad.  The basic operation of the soundboard simply requires increasing or decreasing the volume of whoever is speaking or playing (and muting the microphone when not required), to make a comfortable listening experience. When our music groups sing the soundboard operator  ‘mixes’  the voices and instruments together to produce a balanced sound. Point of contact: Jonathan Hocking

4. The AV OPERATOR will arrive 15-20 minutes before the start of service. Turn on the projector and computer, open the day’s service and make sure it works. At the end of service turn off the projector and computer. Training and tutoring will be provided. Point of contact: Jim Peacock    

5. The READER will be seated near the front of the church and will be provided with a microphone. They will usually read two readings, one OT, one NT, and must bring their own Bible or a print-out of the readings. You will be told which readings to prepare in advance so you can practice. Point of contact: Rev Sulin    

6. The INTERCESSOR (PRAYER) will be expected to either write or source (from a book or from the internet) intercessionary prayers suitable for worship. Training is being offered for those who are new to this ministry. Prayers will be delivered from a seat near the front and a microphone will be provided. Point of contact: Rev Sulin    

7. The WASHROOM MONITOR’s role is described in the safety plan thus: Anyone wanting to use the washroom when there is a service will be taken to the hall by a washroom monitor who will open the hall doors for the user. The washroom monitor will be responsible for sanitizing touched areas such as door handles, locks, faucets and flush levers. The washroom monitor will sanitize these surfaces with the spray provided before the service begins. If no-one needs to use the washroom, their duties end there! However if anyone does need the facilities they will also need to wipe handles, locks and faucets after the user exits to ensure they are ready for the next person. Point of contact: ? Rev Sulin?