Please share them with anyone and everyone.  You can see some are wedding pictures but I am showing you the inside as I loved the blue.  I had my bridesmaid’s dress made to match the colour.  The Baptism certificate is just show you how long that I was part of the church.  Actually before that as my mom and dad took us every Sunday from the time we were born.  My grandfather and grandmother, Maud, were very involved in the church.  I wish I could find my Grad picture.  Ed Dawson took me to my Grad in 1966.  Time moves on and I so wish I could turn back the clock.  How is he? I think of him often.  We knew each other since I was born. Is he still a big part of the church.  My parents and his parents were such great friends. He was determined to stay in Comox and I was equally determined to spread my wings are fly. Now 55 years later I so wish I was back home. I am very happy they named the art Galery after my mom.  Pearl Ellis Art Gallery,

I have more but these I could find right away.  For larger sizes visit this link.
These are for interest sake.  As soon as my Grandparents married Grandpa started planning his move to Canada.  First in MacDowell, Sask and then on to Comox in 1924. When he left McDowell he gifted the land so that the Anglican Church could be built there.  I think it still stands.although MacDowell is almost a ghost town. (South of Prince Albert). My grandmother taught Sunday school in both Sask and in Comox for many years.  Her “Church” ladies used to come for tea a few times a week. It was all so formal back then.  I am full with many great memories.. I always wanted to have my own church in a small town and carry on the things I learned from our ministers which is why I went to Emmanual and St Chad when I turned 50.  Oh well. Life has many turns and twists and we just have to accept them and go forward.  I hope you see me in your church one day.  I will be in the back where all old Anglicans like to sit.
Just a few more wedding picures and one of our youth group. The Voyageurs - It was an all girl’s group led by Rev Lonsdale. He taught us many things about the church, we visited other churches as well we learned to sail and shoot.  It was great and we all learned about religion through our fun times.  We even had pyjama parties in the Church hall.  I cannot send those pictures though.  Barb, my cousin, would be upset. . We had all been Junior Auxiliary members and this was the nest step.  As I mentioned in my first email, keep what you want.