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Revised June, July 2022

St. Peter's Comox relies almost exclusively on the generous giving of our congregation, to support the works of our church. Donations typically go into a general fund used to support any and all St Peters programming and activities. 

Donors may also designate their donations, to restrict the activities that their donations may be applied to. While we encourage all parishioners to give to the general fund as much as possible, we also promote designated donations, either to our monthly highlighted Partner in Mission (PiM), or to one of the categories listed below. 

These donor-restricted funds will be used as the donor intended, with the understanding that when the funding requirements for the relevant aspect of church operations is met, or there is no longer a need for funding in the designated area as confirmed by the Rector and Wardens, the remaining contributions will be allocated to the area which is deemed to be most compatible with the intentions of the donor.

If these conditions can't be met, or when it seems appropriate, the donor will be contacted to discuss different options.

Designated donations may be made to one of the following categories:

Buildings and Grounds (upkeep of our heritage buildings)
Communications (posters, printing etc)
Hospitality (coffee, tea, events)
Ministries (pastoral care)
Outreach (Blessings Boutique)
Worship (audiovisual equipment)
Partner in Mission (PiM) -St. Peter's promotes a different charitable organization each month, designated as our "Partner in Mission" for that month. You may designate some of, all of, or in addition to your regular donation to that Partner in Mission.

You can designate part or all of your regular donations to St. Peter's no matter which way you donate:
by envelope: write "Partner in Mission" or category on your envelope and indicate the portion or percentage of your givings to be allocated
by e-transfer: to, using the "message" area to indicate your designation
by cheque to the Partner in Mission: write a cheque directly to the PiM by name but allow us to send it to them on your behalf.
by debit or credit card: come in, or call the office to make a donation over the phone
through Canadahelps: use the dropdown to choose between General Fund and Partner in Mission
by pre-approved withdrawal (e-plate): send an email to, indicating what amount or percentage of your offering should be designated and how.

If you need more information, or with help in designating, please contact the office.

for the policy statement of April 2021, revised June 2022, please click here