Jordan Benson
Hello All,
See attached Christmas Newsletter - Kell also has an update below:
I am very excited. Karuna our main leader is planning a Christmas outreach
to all our daycare and home kids and their parents. This is a powerful
witness time. There will be several hundred attending I believe on 22
December. They will host a byriany Christmas dinner and a ministry time.
Also a second outreach in the villages in Kandhamal, Odisha from 25
December. They will gather many villagers for an outreach in 2 areas in
Kasini Padar there will be hundreds in attendance. Also in Baracama. They
have some big churches there I have preached in Karuna’s wife’s Runitha’s
church which has 1500 members.
In our news I am inviting sponsors and churches to get involved. All these
outreach areas are very ripe for harvest!
God Bless
Grace Life Ministries Administration