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Sunday Worship Liturgy Pattern

First Sunday of each month  8:30am Trad HC*  10:30am BAS** HC 

Second Sunday  8:30am Trad HC  10:30am Islands and Inlets HC - This is an ecological liturgy that grounds us in where we live, the distinctiveness of its landscape and its history. It increases the sense that God and place are part of a whole.

Third Sunday  8:30am Morning Prayer  - a traditional semi-sung service 10:30am BAS HC 

Fourth Sunday  8:30am Trad HC  10:30am Creative/Alternative (may or may not be HC)

Fifth Sunday ***9:30am Celtic service with Holy Communion 

* Traditional Holy Communion

** BAS = Book of Alternative Services (green book) 

*** one service only at 9:30 

I hope you are fed by this pattern of praise, which includes place, Incarnation, family and creation,  and that it encourages you into a depth of worship of our Father God
Sulin Milne