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L’Arche CV recently received a federal grant from New Horizons for Seniors.  We asked them for money to help folks connect better through digital means - email, Skype, Zoom - whatever they needed to combat isolation.  A number of people have already accessed the funding, but there is still some left, so I am hoping to expand the impact by reaching out to church communities. 
For the purposes of this grant, a senior is any who self-identifies as such. The program is contracting the services of our L’Arche CV IT professional, Chris Bindernagel of Geranium Computers.  He is a patient, knowledgeable person, who has lots of experience working with older folks who do not consider themselves computer savvy. 
There are a couple of ways the money can be used:
1. If a senior doesn’t have a computer, tablet, or phone, there are funds available to purchase refurbished devices - maybe an iPad or cell phone. We can also help folks set up an internet connection, but will not be able to pay for the ongoing costs associated with it. 
2. If a senior would like to use Zoom or Skype or email, but don’t know how to download it or run the program, we could arrange to visit their home and set it up, and also tutor them in the use of any program like this.
3. If a senior is experiencing technical difficulties that are making it difficult to use your device to connect with others, we can help to sort that out. 
If you, or someone you know could benefit, please let us know in the L’Arche CV office and we can work with you to determine what is possible. 
Wendy Dyck

Email Wendy at L'Arche