Jordan Benson

The men who meet monthly at the Men’s Breakfast (8 am, last Saturday of every month, save December) have come up with a new ministry.

Men seem to bond best when they do practical things together. Because we enjoy each other’s company and are all committed to the life of St Peter’s and its people, we decided to create a body of men who would be available on occasion to help members of the parish, their family and those who use the Unity Cupboard needing the kind of assistance male volunteers can provide.

The debate about what to call this ministry ranged from “Twelve Men with Good Hearts” to “Movers and Quakers” (the latter reference to age-related conditions rather than denomination). We thankfully settled on “Men on Call”. One of our number, Dave Peat, ([email protected]), volunteered to be the coordinator. Those who wish to participate will allow their names to be on an email list and people seeking help can inform David or the church office. He will then pass the opportunity on to the email list and those available with the right skills and ability will let him know. Preferably at least two or three will take on the task together.

We will not be reluctant, if need be, to inform people seeking help that their task requires professional help (electrical wiring) or lies beyond the capacity of the group (moving a van-load of furniture). Any other men who would wish to participate are most welcome. Please let David know your names and emails.