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Living Hope Church is running a Photo Scavenger Hunt Fundraiser August 14-17 and we would love for you to join! Comox Valley Family Services is in need of money to purchase toys and activities for children in need, especially in this COVID season when kids are not able to play together. In the fall, it is anticipated that kids will spend more time at home, and without toys or games this season could be hard for kids.

We want to raise money to support these kids and we want to do it in a fun and safe way.

We have set up a Photo Scavenger Hunt that families and individuals can play with a minimum donation of $10 to our Go Fund Me page. All proceeds go directly to the Comox Valley Family Services.

How participants can enter this fundraiser is by sending an email to [email protected] with their donation receipt. An email will be sent back to them before August 14. The email will have instructions on how to play and the photo scavenger hunt list. Participants can donate and email their receipt into the office before or during the scavenger hunt.

During the Scavenger Hunt they will take pictures of themselves enjoying fun summer activities such as going for a swim in the ocean, contacting someone who is lonely, foraging in a vegetable garden etc. Then send all your fun summer photos to [email protected] Each photo will be worth a certain amount of tickets for the raffle. And the raffle will be drawn on August 18th @ 7pm during a Zoom meeting. Not to worry if someone cannot make it to the finale Zoom meeting, all winners will receive an email. Everyone can play, from individuals isolating at home to families wanting to get out and have some safe fun!