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Now for the moment you have all been waiting for - the results of the Fun(d)raising auction of silly, useless, funny and in some cases gorgeous items. Thank you for taking part in this auction - it has actually been a lot of fun. Perhaps this should become an annual event! Monies raised will be used for St Peter's 'occasional' missions and ministries, including continuing our food distribution ministry during the time the Unity Cupboard isn't functioning due to Covid. If yours is the successful bid, you will be contacted direct to arrange collection / delivery of your item and arrange payment.
Lot 1: Painting by Neil Crouch - finished LIVE at the parish party. Comox Glacier. $300
Lot 2: Carving knife and fork disguised as a blunderbuss. $20
Lot 3: Naked crackers. $100
Lot 4: Handmade gift tag and stickies selection. $20
Lot 5: Floral Christmas centre piece. $30
Lot 6: Miracle peas - will multiply to feed many people, if you pay enough! $20
Lot 7: Hockey Jersey. $20
Lot 8: Amber glass punch bowl. $5
Lot 9: New storage ottoman. $5
Lot 10: Toy Story square-head figures. $5
Lot 11: Christmas candle display stand. $5
Lot 12: Elephant brass door-knocker. (multiple bids at winning price - first received wins) $20
Lot 13: Blue tartan scarf. $20
Lot 14: Red tartan tea towel. $40
Lot 15: Coronation Bible. $100
This means the auction raised $710, which is FAR more than I ever expected. Thank you so much to all who donated items or made a bid.