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You came like soft rose petals

Blown zig-zag by a Summer breeze,

And snugly found a place.

In the recess of my mind.


For quite a while I did not know

That I had company in that secure part of me

Where I am king

And lord of my domain.


I thought that I would fight and keep you out

And make you wait 

Beyond the gate

For trespassers are not quite welcome here.


The wall I built about me-so I thought

Would keep me safe,

But brick by brick

It fell in such a heap.


And then I saw you - my trespasser;

Clothed in the velvet of the darkest night,

With moonlit eyes

And pyramid pointed ears.


Crooning and purring about my feet,

With curved back begging to be stroked.

My reason pleaded that I keep you out;

My heart entreated that I let you in.


idris rees hughes.