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We have a whole bunch of links to share with you that we hope will brighten your Christmas. 

Available now:
1. Mike recorded some parts of the Parish Christmas Party and has placed it onto YouTube. There was fun, games, sing-along carols, quizzes, bad jokes, and a fun fundraiser AUCTION. A piece of art was made LIVE! Have a look at some highlights - unfortunately no video of live painting but see the website for a picture of the finished product. Here also is the playlist of clips, videos and songs we used on the night.
2. We have a short film showing the Christmas Lights and Sounds in the Church Garden. If you want to experience it in person, the music will also be playing tonight and on Christmas evening. The lights will remain until the Twelfth Night.
3. The Christmas Eve Puppet Nativity with Carols. Again, I restate my thanks to ALL who were involved in this service, their hard work has paid off, I think.
Available from 5pm today:
4. Late Night Christmas Eve Service with Communion by Extension
Available from Christmas morning:
27th December: Sabbath Sunday - no new online service, please watch one of our back-catalogue, there are many to choose from!!

Here are some more suggestions for what to watch over the Christmas holidays, from our wider Anglican church family.

Events from the cathedral in Victoria

New Year's Day musical meditation from St. Dunstan's

St. Luke's Victoria Christmas Organ Recital